A spa therapists salon favorites


Like our clients, every beauty therapist has treatments we love and treatments we dread.  The only difference here is that we are the ones doing the treatment, not getting it. I thought it might be an idea to mention my loves & dislikes in a blog post along with my reasons why. I am also interested in what you love and dislike in salon treatments so use the comments section below to share your thoughts!

My all time favorite treatment to do is FACIALS – I LOVE THEM. You see instant results, they are relaxing for both client and therapist and it’s an excuse for me to sit down for an hour or so. This part gets massive thumbs up from me after running up and down three flights of stairs in a busy spa all day. My preferred brand for facials is Dermalogica. I use it religiously myself and believe it is worth the hype, even if overpriced. I am also a huge fan of Comfort  Zone – they really make a spa experience special with plenty of massage and pampering extras thrown in. Last but not least is one of the first ranges I was trained with – the wonderful Yonka.  Yonka had some great products and I always saw a difference in people’s skin after using it. Apparently Madonna is a fan too.

My least favorite treatment to do at present is probably massage. Don’t get me wrong – I love massage and believe it has huge benefits to the client, and I always enjoy seeing people relax. My only reason for listing it as my least favorite treatment is because we do so many in a day and it can be exhausting.

So there you have it – a spa therapists view on salon treatments 🙂


Fake vs Natural Beauty

Fake tan. Fake smile. Fake nails. Fake hair. Tell me again how you want a real man?

Many top makeup artists will tell you that makeup should be applied to enhance, not completely cover the skin. Whilst many hate and wish to cover the splattering of freckles across their nose, or the natural rosiness to their skin; understanding how to even out skin tone using makeup rather than hide what nature gave you is key to the natural look.

panto vs natural

panto vs natural

The recent media bombardment of reality shows like “The Only Way is Essex” “Keeping up with the Kardashians” “The Real Wives of …” have pushed the more natural look out of fashion, resulting in countless women walking around with groucho marx style eyebrows, orange skin, false spider eyelashes, false breasts, false hair and makeup that would often be more suitable for a panto dame.

This is before we have even looked at the botox issue. Woman in their early twenties running around with faces that don’t move or show emotion, not to mention the more mature ladies who believe it makes them look younger therefore more beautiful. I work in an industry where I see woman before & after botox and believe me when I tell you they looked more friendly, happy & beautiful before they lost their laughter lines, and wrinkles. What’s wrong with having some character in your face?

In my personal opinion, and that is all I can offer; many woman, driven by clever marketing and hype, are spending money on making themselves look LESS attractive. How ironic.

As with most things in life “less is more”

Think about that for a moment. I can wait…

How beautiful is the glow of a natural looking tan? It’s so much prettier and healthier looking than the oompa loompa look. 419262_10151356635691852_2056776435_n

My advice to woman of all ages is to work with what you have. If you feel you need a change, try a new lipstick, change your hairstyle, eat healthier, get a glow from exercise & look after your skin properly. If you want to look more attractive, simply SMILE at people. A smile is your biggest beauty secret – trust me!

A woman is most beautiful when she smiles. Other than that, the most valuable tip I’ve learned is always use a skin moisturizer!”

I’m interested in what my readers think on this issue, whether you agree with me or not. Have you had surgery – did it improve your life? Are you a guy – do you prefer natural or “enhanced” ladies?

Well hello…


I’m Adele – a beauty therapist from sunny Belfast. I currently work in a spa doing mainly massage but have a strong geek side to me so I felt it only fitting to start a blog and engage with others who think like me 🙂

My interests are varied and constantly changing. I have a pretty short attention span but an obsessive personality, so I usually go all guns blazing into my newest hobby, give it my full attention and subsequently become bored of it within a matter of months.

My latest “fad” is my trusty filofax which I intend to put to use organising myself with blogging, working and having a social life. We shall see.

Basically this blog is primarily based on beauty but I feel that as I have diverse interests – my blog will probably follow suit. I love shopping, fashion, music, movies, etc etc…and I fully expect I’ll write about those here too. Unless you tell me not to, in which case I’ll sulk for a while and then get back to beauty.

Thank you for reading.