Nail Art Training

essential nails nail art kit

essential nails nail art kit

I’m a huge advocate of further education no matter what career path you chose in life. So many skills to learn and new people to connect with – what’s not to love?

At school I was not gifted in art at all, so I pretty much gave up on it but it’s a skill I’ve always envied in others. Creativity is such a lovely thing to get lost in. Over the years I was drawn into graphic art with photoshop and web design and really enjoyed it. I discovered that I actually did have a creative side after all – it just needed to be nurtured.

Getting back into nails I am always blown away by the beautiful things people can do with nail art and whilst I have learnt some skills from the amazing youtube community and practicing at home – it just doesn’t seem enough to feel like a bona fida nail artist.

For that reason I was excited at the prospect of doing a nail art course with Essential Nails. It is expensive to buy the kit, which includes a “trainer hand” that feels and moves like a real hand but when nails are part of your career – I felt the expense would ultimately be worth it.

The kit arrived about 2 months ago and I watched the dvd but as I work so many nights, I hadn’t had time to delve into it properly. Well, now I’m off work on holiday until the end of July so I am making time each day to not only blog (hello!), but to do some lessons and practice, practice, PRACTICE!

Last night was my first attempt at doing a very simple (or so I thought) flower design with graduating dots. Maybe it’s because I’m trying to get my placement as close to what the tutor does as possible but I am finding doing this is taking longer than I expected. I’m excited to progress so determined to figure out how to get it exactly placed so it as close to the original design as possible.

Here’s the vieo about the course to give you an idea of the designs I’m looking at

I shall keep you updated as to how I find it but I’ve found printing out some practice sheets to use is saving me using all my practice nails up. Each time you make a mistake you learn something so eventually I will get it. Probably.

Have you done any further education? How did you find it?


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