Well hello…


I’m Adele – a beauty therapist from sunny Belfast. I currently work in a spa doing mainly massage but have a strong geek side to me so I felt it only fitting to start a blog and engage with others who think like me 🙂

My interests are varied and constantly changing. I have a pretty short attention span but an obsessive personality, so I usually go all guns blazing into my newest hobby, give it my full attention and subsequently become bored of it within a matter of months.

My latest “fad” is my trusty filofax which I intend to put to use organising myself with blogging, working and having a social life. We shall see.

Basically this blog is primarily based on beauty but I feel that as I have diverse interests – my blog will probably follow suit. I love shopping, fashion, music, movies, etc etc…and I fully expect I’ll write about those here too. Unless you tell me not to, in which case I’ll sulk for a while and then get back to beauty.

Thank you for reading.