A spa therapists salon favorites


Like our clients, every beauty therapist has treatments we love and treatments we dread.  The only difference here is that we are the ones doing the treatment, not getting it. I thought it might be an idea to mention my loves & dislikes in a blog post along with my reasons why. I am also interested in what you love and dislike in salon treatments so use the comments section below to share your thoughts!

My all time favorite treatment to do is FACIALS – I LOVE THEM. You see instant results, they are relaxing for both client and therapist and it’s an excuse for me to sit down for an hour or so. This part gets massive thumbs up from me after running up and down three flights of stairs in a busy spa all day. My preferred brand for facials is Dermalogica. I use it religiously myself and believe it is worth the hype, even if overpriced. I am also a huge fan of Comfort  Zone – they really make a spa experience special with plenty of massage and pampering extras thrown in. Last but not least is one of the first ranges I was trained with – the wonderful Yonka.  Yonka had some great products and I always saw a difference in people’s skin after using it. Apparently Madonna is a fan too.

My least favorite treatment to do at present is probably massage. Don’t get me wrong – I love massage and believe it has huge benefits to the client, and I always enjoy seeing people relax. My only reason for listing it as my least favorite treatment is because we do so many in a day and it can be exhausting.

So there you have it – a spa therapists view on salon treatments 🙂