A geeks guide to makeup…

You don’t have to spend a fortune to look good nowadays. The secret is doing a bit of research and learning how to use the products properly.

How I wish we had youtube and google in my youth. If you need to learn how to apply makeup or which makeup is best – these are the places you will find your answer.

I will list my go to resources on all things pretty in no particular order.

makeup alley

makeup alley

My favorite site for reviews on beauty and skincare is without a doubt Makeup Alley. I have been a member of the site for a very long time and I always go and check out reviews on a product before purchasing. This site is better than believing the many youtube beauty “guru’s” who are often sent products for free by marketing companies. If you don’t pay for a product and you want to keep getting free stuff –it is in your own interest to be positive about the gifted product, and who doesn’t love getting free stuff?! Not ALL guru’s are dishonest but I have had enough experience with buying overhyped products that my skin hated to know to take most of what they recommend with a pinch of salt. The thing I love about makeup alley is that reviews are written by consumers who paid for the products, used the products and are honest in their opinions about the products. They have nothing to gain by being dishonest.

lisa eldridge

lisa eldridge

My favorite makeup artist who posts tutorials on youtube is Lisa Eldridge. Lisa is passionate about makeup and skincare and mixes drugstore products with high end making her looks affordable for all budgets. Her videos are clean, well edited, and very educational and her makeup looks are amazing.  She is a celebrity makeup artist so she must be doing something right! Check her out if you want to learn how to apply makeup like a pro!

rimmel makeup

RIMMEL foundation, bronzer & powder

My favourite drugstore makeup brand is Rimmel without a doubt. I use their foundation, powder, & bronzer every single day. The foundation is better than some higher end brands I have tried, and so is the pressed powder. I have also used lipsticks and mascara from this brand and liked them too. Definitely a brand I trust and have used continuously over the last 20 years. My skin is very sensitive to perfumed products or anything that might clog your skin, and Rimmel has never caused me to breakout, so if you have sensitive skin too – it might be worth checking out.

mac makeup

MAC fix+ & skin finisher

My favourite high end makeup brand is MAC.  Ahhh , how I love MAC. I first discovered the brand via youtube about 7 years ago and I instantly became obsessed. The eye shadows, mineral skin finishes,  lipsticks, fix+ spray…yes, I love them all.

mac eyeshadow

MAC eyeshadow palette

nubar polish

My nail model, “Molly” holding NUBAR Dark Plum

I must also give a shout out to my favourite nail polish brand: NUBAR. I first purchased some discounted nubar at a beauty trade show a couple of years ago and was wowed with the quality. It is so much better than OPI or china glaze in my personal experience. The colours are gorgeous and I want more of them!

So there you have it – my guide to makeup resources. I hope you find it helpful